J. O. Y. (protoaxl) wrote in theweirdness,
J. O. Y.

It's been a long time since anyone has posted.

I was having internet problems, but a few weeks back, I was going to inform everyone of an O'Grady marathon on The N. Did anyone catch it? My cable had got cut off in the middle of Ogrady's first season so I saw parts of some episodes I missed. Unfortunately, I was tired and went to sleep, missing most of the marathon. :(

Revecently, my sattelite has been cut off too, because someone stole my mom's identity, so we had to put a block on her bank account, preventing the automatic DirecTv payment transaction. She's being slow about getting that worked out, too. But if anyone else has a similar form of cable where you can search for the titles of shows to see what times they come on, it would be appreciated if you could look from time to time and give the community a heads up!

Thanks and I hope everyone is doing fine! Hard to tell when no one is talking. :P
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